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Admission Requirements

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To integrate the professional Artistic Make-up cycle, the candidate must have the baccalaureate level or training as a beautician or have completed a one year preparatory art school.
Admission is on interview. The candidate must bring his academic record to the interview. This can also be complemented by artistic work done outside school or any other document that could enhance his candidature.

Foreign students wishing to follow the professional artistic make-up program must have the baccalaureate or equivalent. It is sometimes possible to organize recruitment in the country in question.
Details of our local partners and interview dates are available on request from the Paris 33 (0)1 44 08 11 44.

To integrate the third year make-up artist program on parallel admission, the candidate must either have completed a cycle of up to two years, or have been a professional make-up artist for at least two years.

To integrate Procos program on parallel admission, the candidate must have a (bac +2 level) two years post school study. The courses taken can be technical or commercial (make-up, beauty, BTS MUC, NRC...).

To join the workshops and short courses, please refer to the requirements indicated in each section, in the relevant short courses category.

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When to register

Recruitment begins in January of each year.
It is advisable to apply early.
Registrations are in order of arrival.
The closing date may vary from one year to another.