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l'école de référence

ITM has built partnerships with several organizations and ensures the provision of make-up artist trainees whenever they are required. This gives students the valuable experience of working in real and professional conditions.
Contracts have been signed with the most renowned schools of French cinema, such as Louis Lumière (ENSLL). ITM students contribute to the make-up of cinema studies students during the making of films on set. They also attend classes on light, and have the opportunity to work on set at the ENSLL doing exercises on issues related to light or cinematographic techniques, alongside students from this film school.

ITM has also signed partnerships with broadcast channels on cable, satellite, television production companies (Game One, L’Équipe TV, 3ème Œil production, Caïmans Production…), with theatres Le Théâtre de la Tempête à La Cartoucherie), Opéra Bastille and cosmetic brands (Shu Uemura, Armani…).

In addition, the Institute works closely with fashion schools (ENSAD section textile, Istituto Marangoni, Mod’Art…) and photography schools (Les Gobelins…). Teams can thus be trained at these schools and progress together in the world of art.

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