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ITM Values

Les valeurs d'ITM

Our role is to accompany and train three types of individuals:

- Young school leavers (Post Bac), in order to give them a real profession.

- The professional sector in order to facilitate their professional development.

- Those passionate about make-up, who wish to gain mastery.

For this, we take into consideration their qualities:

- Their life experiences and/or school and university background

But above all:

- Their creative skills

- Their practical and manual skills

- Their artistic flare

- Their personality, individual traits

In relation to:

- Themselves

- Others: team members, artists, models...

- Protocol, hygiene, schedules

- Materials and boxes

- Customer requirements, specifications and team leader duties.

Allowing a gradual and guided progression into the « WORKING WORLD »

For students, we provide a gradual assisted transition, into the world of « WORK ».
That is why this training program is over a long period. We work together on technical areas, the students attitudes and skills so that they acquire the competence and requirements expected of a true professional.