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Become a real cosmetic expert

Les stages ITM

Integrate the sales and marketing of cosmetic brand leaders

This training course (level III registered by RNCP) is given by ITM in partnership with ITCC Lyon. It aims to develop the skills needed to work in the field of consulting and the sales of make-up, perfume, and skin care products.

It develops in candidates the essential qualities to succeed in this field: a strong sense of product demonstration, excellent interpersonal skills, rigour, team spirit and an excellent knowledge of cosmetic brands product ranges.

Alternating training and professional practice

Training is provided by alternating course work and training periods.
Activities can be broken down as follows: providing service at a point of sale (consulting, sales, demonstration of make-up), managing a team, follow-up of customers, developing and managing a client portfolio, negotiating, organizing, administrating and monitoring the implementation of sales and marketing strategies and training.

This state registered course RNCP is validated in partnership with ITCC.
It takes place over a period of 10 to 12 months, depending on the location of the training placement.
It can be followed in the context of a professional contract with major cosmetics brands (eg Chanel, Dior, Bobby Brown, Black up…).

Professional opportunities

This training enables the young professional to move at the end of his training period to the professional sector in make-up consulting, training, assistant manager and responsible for a booth at a cosmetic brand in a department store or boutique, and management in a perfumery, in charge of sales development.

PROCOS program

Sales - Negotiations - Customer Relations

  • Professional technicality
  • Knowledge of the market for cosmetics, perfumes and make-up
  • Specific cosmetics sales techniques
  • Marketing and merchandising
  • Olfactory and technical sales training for perfumes
  • Knowledge of skincare and make-up products and associated sales techniques
  • - Sale of cosmetics, fragrances and make-up in English
  • Make-up advice and techniques in quick make-up (flash make-up…)

Informative Training

  • Self-esteem, assertiveness
  • Public speaking and stress management
  • Communication
  • CV Workshop
  • Preparation of trainers
  • Delivery of training sessions


  • Development of cosmetic lines
  • Commercial Product Development, a point of sale, inventory and stock management


  • Image Consulting
  • Team Management Team and animation
  • Recruitment


  • Design and delivery of training
  • Progress report
  • Sales consultant
  • Negotiation