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Upgrade in Makeup

Maquillage Nidia Vieira ITM PARIS

The upgrade class in makeup is a gateway towards a professional formation

It is a quick and intense course fitted into about 2 to 3 months. This formation is designed to acquire fundamental knowledge and complementary skill in makeup, perfume and skin care products. The course is ideally suitable for candidates who wish to integrate the “PROCOS (Chargé de développement et promotion des ventes cosmétiques et parfums)” higher education program either as an initial training or as a professionalization contract.

Who is it aimed for?

It is open to students holding a 2nd or 3rd year license, or any two year degrees. It is also intended for the professional sector.

If you have a Business and Marketing background
One can wonder where to work or what sector to choose after a two year degree, or even a bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing or any related field. Many people have the desire to join a company in the Luxury and the Cosmetics industry. For you, this is the perfect opportunity to adopt the culture and to acquire basic essential skills needed to be part of that sector.

If you have a Scientific background
France is a leader in creating and manufacturing makeup and skin care products as well as perfume/fragrance. Having at least a two year degree in science for instance in Bioanalysis, Biotech, Chemistry, Product Design, Product Control, Aesthetic, or even a license of biology, life science or any equivalent field, you wish to integrate this sector. Well, this is the perfect opportunity to adopt the culture and to acquire basic essential skills. The understanding of the product usage as well as its application for its end costumers and models will highlight your work and reinforce your future employer’s support.

If you have a Technical or Artistic background
This program is particularly suitable for professionals:
  • In the beauty sector, hairdressers and beauticians desiring to develop their product knowledge in order to better satisfy their customer’s demand.
  • In the entertainment industry, stylists, photographers, coach, comedian, video makers wanting to learn how to apply makeup on their models, their customers or on themselves. Professionals needing to understand the constraints of the makeup artist in order to better direct them during filming, shooting, stages, performances etc…
But it is also designed for students having an Art degree not specific to cosmetics that want to broaden and expand their creative perspective. For instance: Painter, dancer, Assistant Director, or Stage Manager.

Professional Objectives

Be able to reveal, develop, and unravel the beauty of a person whether male or female, to advice simply about the choice one makes for a natural or sophisticated makeup style, or again, be able to put on makeup for specific occasion like parties, events or professional ones like photo shootings. Have the expertise to choose the best product and tools needed for a beauty enhancement.


240 hours of courses, within 8 weeks, for about 6h/day
  • From June 1st until July 1st 2015
240 hours of courses, within 12 weeks, for about 4h/day
  • From September 28th until December 18th 2015
  • Then, from February 29th until May 27th 2016


Professional Makeup Artist, Business Advisor, Management Consultant, Trainers.


3 050 €


From 8 to 24 participants. The main purpose is to integrate the luxury business sector as well as other lines of business in makeup, perfume and skin care products. You have several choices:
  1. We can provide you the skills you need to get into this world with a professionalization contract leading to a qualification within the PROCOS program (Level 3 registered by RNCP). Documentations are available and provided by the secretariat.
  2. We can give you the opportunity to bring forward spontaneously your application directly to companies in the business sector or via conventions, forums or employment opportunities.
  3. We can help you continue to develop and reinforce your career project as presented before your arrival at ITM.


Artistic Foundation
  • Chromatology: the study of colour.
  • How to create Drafts, facial sketches.
Professional Techniques
  • Makeup foundation
    • Study on the different morphology of a human face
    • Presentation of the different makeup kits and products
    • Discovery of materials and structures.
    • Get familiar with the tools (brush, crayons…)
    • Colorimetric
    • Shadows and Lights
    • Corrections et Complexion
  • Beauty Makeup
    • Eyes beauty workshops: epilation, eyebrow, base blush application, Eyelashes,
    • Smokey eyes, halo, gradation, shades, laying mascara
    • Mouth beauty workshops: contour, volumes
    • Applied morphopsychology, beautification
    • Daytime makeup: complexion, eyes, mouth…
    • Fast makeup tutorials
    • Fashion makeup
  • Enhancements
    • Complexion, flesh tones workshop
    • Boost your expression: eyeliner, fake lashes, and smoky eyes
    • Pimp your lips: Red lips and mouth
    • Sophisticated, Glamourous makeup
    • Cocktail, Evening Event makeup
    • Wedding makeup
  • Supplementary Techniques
    • How to adapt to distinctive features with makeup:
    • • Mature skins
    • • Dark complexion and matte skins
    • • Asian skins
    • • Men
    • contouring, Lebanese-style makeup
Professional Environment
  • Dermatology
  • Cosmetology
  • “Aesthetics” behaviour, setting up the makeup counter.
  • Hygiene and clean conditions
  • Knowledge on Brands and the Cosmetic market.
  • French-English Makeup vocabulary