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Development in nail prosthetics Level 2

Nail prosthetics is an ideal solution for weak, brittle or bitten nails. Women who care about the beauty of their hands and who want rapid and sustainable solutions. This second module in prosthetics allows for further dexterity in application.
Make-up artists, hairdressers, beauticians, you apply or you already have knowledge of prosthetic nails: improve your skills, learn the latest techniques and discover the latest trends.

This workshop is designed for make-up artists, hairdressers, beauticians wishing to expand their skills, and anyone wishing to improve in the practice of nail prosthetics.

Have completed the introductory workshop to nail prosthetics Level 1 (PROTON1) or have a basic knowledge of prosthetics nails.


In the afternoon, it is necessary to come along with a model on whom ten false nails will be applied.


To practice applying and perfect nail prostheses for fashion shows, shooting, movies and other events.


1 day (6 hours)


  • Demonstration of “French” and “Zen” techniques, auto adhesive, and updates about the different techniques.
  • Laying of gel nails and repair techniques.
  • Practical work on the model (treatment of each problem individually) under professional guidance ensuring ideal work and time management.
  • Understanding of the different stages of work for each technique followed by a hands-on practice on a model.
  • Assessment of practice.

Equipment and products used

The material used is made available for the duration of the workshop. Trainees have the opportunity to acquire a starter prosthetics kit nail at reduced rates from an ITM partner.

Perfectionnement en prothésie ongulaire


260 €


Maximum 12 people


Professional manicure technician

Perfectionnement en prothésie ongulaire 2


1 day (6 hours)

March 24, 2016

Customized training available on request. Contact: Florence CAPEL 01 44 08 11 48.